Local law enforcement offices are teaming up to put an end to the trash problem in Ashley County.

Sheriff Tommy Sturgeon and Crossett Police chief JW Cruce met last week to discuss the growing litter problem.

Cruce said several of the back roads that are being used as dump sites are out of the city limits, but there is also a problem with general littering inside the city as well.

“People will just throw out a McDonald’s bag or a coke can as they are going down the street,” Cruce said.

Sturgeon and Cruce decided that they would work together to form a zero tolerance initiative and will be instructing their deputies and officers in the coming weeks to crack down on littering.

“We will be writing more tickets and we are asking for the public’s help with this,” Cruce said.

If a resident sees someone littering, Cruce said to write down their license plate number and contact either his department or the sheriff’s office depending on the location.

“We really want to put a stop to this so we are going to be doing whatever it takes,” Cruce said.

Cameras will be placed in various areas as well and Cruce said they would be monitoring the situation as closely as they can.

Sturgeon and his deputies have already been writing citiations for the illegal dumping on county roads, but they plan to police those areas more heavily and write even more tickets until the growing litter problem is reversed.

“We will take any information we can, if you see someone littering or know anything that may help us crack down on this, give us a call,” Cruce said.

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