Illegal dumps a growing problem in Crossett area

Residents of Ashley County are expressing concern about an accumulation of trash on the backroads of the area, and law enforcement officials are encouraging those who find it to report it.

Ovid Switzer of Crossett said there has been a serious problem with trash dumping near a location known to many as Five Point.

“Trash starts at city limit road where it turns off of 169 South and all the way to Five Point intersection at Petersburg Road,” Switzer said.

Crossett Police Chief JW Cruce gave Switzer four cameras to put up around the area to attempt to catch someone dumping the trash, but so far they haven’t been able to get anything on camera.

Switzer said he got a fifth camera from County Judge Jim Hudson and that he patrols the area four to seven times a day.

“I have seen some new trash, but not around the cameras,” Switzer said. “The road is a mile to a mile-and-a-half long, so it’s hard to cover with cameras.”

Switzer said he is particularly concerned because he owns property in the area and has to use a tractor to move trash away from his gate to access his property.

Sheriff Tommy Sturgeon told the Ashley County Quorum Court several months ago that illegal dumping was becoming a big problem. There are multiple areas in addition to the one near Switzer’s property that have turned into illegal dump sites.

Sturgeon said there are illegal dump sites all over the county.

Sturgeon said that his office is attempting to go through the trash on these illegal dumping sites and look for addresses or any identifying information.  They have already issued several citations for various areas.

If anyone has any information regarding this activity or if anyone sees someone illegally dumping trash or other items, they are encouraged to contact either the city police or the sheriff’s office.

Sturgeon said when locations are reported to his office, they do their best to find a way to trace the trash back to someone.

The Crossett Police Department can be reached at 870-364-4131. The Ashley County Sheriff’s Department’s phone number is 870-853-2040.

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