A new Crossett employee has been hired to “brighten up” the city in more ways than one.

Crossett City Councilwoman Crystal Marshall said that the city has hired Sarah Hollimon as a an assistant director for the Parks and Recreation Department. Hollimon will work directly under the director, Larry Cantley, and will predominantly be over the city pool, the farmer’s market, tennis courts and Centennial Park, but will also work in other areas of the city as well. Marshall said that the city’s main goal is to have someone employed who can work creatively to enhance the city.

Hollimon will wear many hats in her new position, but Marshall said a big thing she wants Hollimon to focus on is creating things to do for the youth of Crossett.

“When we did the interviews (to fill the City Council position vacated by Lynn Rodger’s resignation), everyone we interviewed said that there wasn’t anything to do for the children,” Marshall said. “With Sarah’s talents for being creative, resourceful and being so good with children; we thought that she could come up with some way to utilize the resources we have to create something for teenagers to enjoy.”

Some of Hollimon’s ideas include hosting events, while others are simply to make the town more aesthetically pleasing. She is already working with the owner of the Main Mall in an effort to paint a mural on the side of the building and has plans to work with the EAST group at Crossett High School on other improvement projects.

“I love driving through towns and seeing interesting things, art work, anything to make a town seem brighter,” Marshall said.

Hollimon has several ideas to create events for all ages and some are already on the schedule for this month.

There will be a teen movie night at the City Pool on Sept. 21, showing “Jaws” over a projector while teens ages 13 to 19 will be allowed to float around on rafts in the water. Guests may bring their own rafts, as long as they aren’t over-sized or they may purchase them for $2 on the night of the event. There will be a maximum of 75 tickets sold at the event and tickets are on sale now at Max Bowl in Crossett for $5.

This is just one of the many events Hollimon has planned for the city pool. Though public swim has ceased for the year, there is still a lap swim and water walk once a week, and water yoga. She is also working with other groups to create a “senior dip” for the town’s senior citizens.

Additionally, Hollimon is working on an arts and crafts fair that will be at the local Farmer’s Market on Sept. 28. The details are still in the works, but will be put out on the city’s Facebook page.

Hollimon said one of her biggest projects is responding to the complaint that the “youth in town have nothing to do and nowhere to go.” Hollimon said she is very passionate about remedying that problem and giving our youth something that allows them to be who they are.

Hollimon said that a lot of times teenagers get stuck in being “the hope of tomorrow”and any attention they get is focused on their future, but she says sometimes it’s okay to celebrate who they are right now.

“I think a lot of times, teenagers get stuck in the ‘what do you want to be when you grow up’, and well they just want to be exactly what they are — teenagers,” Hollimon said. “I want to create and do things that celebrate exactly who they are right now. I want to do things that they will enjoy and remember.”

Hollimon plans to eventually open up the Farmer’s Market area as a place for teenagers to hang out. Hollimon said she is working on ideas for games or events and she plans to have an open concession stand. Any money received in the concession stand or from event tickets will be invested back into the community to help fund other events.

Hollimon’s position is new and she does not yet have an office or office phone, but soon those interested in volunteering their time, speaking with Hollimon about her ideas, or bringing new ideas to the table may visit Hollimon in her office, which will be located at the Farmer’s Market. Hollimon can also be reached at 870-500-0303.

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