As the Hamburg Water System approaches its expansion, those who are interested need to let the city know if they want a water hook up.

The city has received a $1.2 million grant and $630,000 loan for improvements, and while those improvements will include painting the water system’s tanks and redoing the well houses, they will also include expanding the service area of the system, Hamburg Public Works Director Jimmy Hargis said.

“We had expanded in 2000, but there were still people we could not reach when we did it in 2000,” he said. “Right now, we are trying to get as many people as money will allow us.”

The system currently runs to Snyder in the east, Hancock Road and Lake GP in the west and to the city limits outside North Crossett. It also runs down U.S. 425 south of the Hamburg city limits.

Those who would like to be added onto the system should contact the city to find out if they can be added, Hargis said.

The key to getting added will be to have enough residents of an area sign on to justify the expense of running lines to it, he said.

“We have some names, and we are getting to a certain point where we are going to do this road and that road,” he said.

Hamburg rural water currently serves approximately 1,100 customers. The in-town water system serves approximately 1,260.

Those who would like for the city to consider adding them to the water system should call the Hamburg Water Department at 870-853-5300 or 870-853-5279 ext. 2.

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