Hamburg Mayor Dane Weindorf announced Monday the walking trail construction, funded with a combination of grant funds and city funds, has begun. 

The City of Hamburg received an 80-20 matching grant from the state highway department to fund the project. 

Weindorf said the trail is completely carved out and almost ready for concrete.  

“So if the hurricane doesn’t blow too much water on us, within two to three weeks, you’ll be able to walk at the park,” Weindorf said. 

The new walking trail will be a mile for each lap made.

“Before you had to go three times around to get two miles,” Weindorf said. 

“The neat thing in my opinion is that inside this walking trail we are going to make a bicycle trail for kids to ride their bikes with ramps they can jump,” he said. 

The city also finalized a grant application for a grant with the state parks and tourism department. The mayor said the application is for a 50-50 grant and if the city is awarded the funding they will build a splash pad at Pine Street Park, a splash pad at Norman Park, shade structures surrounding the splash pads and new lighting for the softball and baseball fields. 

“I feel like we’ve got a real good chance to get it,” Weinforf said.  “Eventually we are going to have the best parks in southeast Arkansas.” 

In other news:

-Weindorf said the tax revenue for Hamburg is better than it’s ever been. 

“It’s the highest I’ve ever seen it,” he said. “Things are looking really good right now.”

-City Attorney Paul Keith reminded the council and guests about Gov. Asa Hutchinson’s executive order that allows citizens to obtain an absentee ballot because of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Keith said ballots should be requested as soon as possible. The deadline is not until October, but Keith said the process of obtaining one takes a little time and therefore people don’t need to wait until the last minute. 

-The council voted to approve the purchase of a dumping trailer in the amount of $7,000. Weindorf said the city has been using a regular trailer when one of the garbage trucks is down for maintenance, and the dump trailer will make that more manageable. 

-Weindorf said the city’s pavement projects for this year will start in the next few weeks. The city roads to be paved are portions of Gardner Street, Jackson Street, Hickory Street and  Parker Street. 

Weindorf said the city will pave Gardner Street from Mills Street to Lincoln Street. Hickory Street will be paved from Jackson to Parker Streets. Jackson Street will be paved from Gardner to Hickory Streets and Parker Street will be paved from from Gardner Street to the Johnson Cemetery Road.

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