Hamburg residents will soon see a small increase on their water bill. 

The Hamburg City Council adopted an ordinance on Monday night setting water rates for Hamburg water customers. Mayor Dane Weindorf said that most water bills will only go up approximately $1.

To give the council members an idea of how the bills would be affected, he read to each of them their projected personal increase, which varied from 60 cents to two dollars. Weindorf’s own water bill will see an increase of three dollars, he said, but it is because he has a larger meter.

The new rates for water went from $8.55 to $9.10 for the first 1,000 gallons. The rate for the same amount of sewer use went from $7 to $7.40. The $9.10 rate is for customers who have a 5/8-inch meter. Customers with a 1-inch meter will see a rate increase from $15 to $16. Customers with a two-inch meter will see an increase from $50 to $60.

Public Works Director Jimmy Hargis also provided a chart that compared Hamburg’s rates could be compared to surrounding areas, including Crossett, Warren and Monticello.

Hamburg water rates fall significantly below all of the surrounding areas in all areas except for one. Crossett’s rates are lower for customers who use less than 1,000 gallons a month, but is significantly more for customers who use more water. 

For example, Hamburg water users who use 1,000 gallons will be charged $8.55 and Crossett users are charged $7.80. Warren’s customers are charged $14.14 and Montciello customers are charged $10.20.

Hamburg users who use 3,000 gallons will be charged $12.75. Crossett users are charged $16 for the same amount and Warren $24.36. Monticello customers are charged $13.80

Hamburg users who use 5,000 gallons are charged $16.95 and customers who use 10,000 gallons are charged $26.76. Both of these rates are lower than all surrounding areas.

In other news:

-The council approved the Hamburg Zoning Commission’s request to rezone block 31 of Bunn’s Survey of Hamburg.

The request came at the behest of Commercial Capital Bank.

-The council authorized the sale of a 40-feet by 40-feet piece of land to Cable South Media in the amount of $3,000.

-Hargis told the council that the rural water project, which is expanding the service Hamburg Water offers,  has space to add more customers and that being added now could potentially save a person from having to dig a well in the future and gives land owner a one-time only opportunity.

-Weindorf also announced that he has hired Georganna Cossey as his administrative assistant. 

He introduced Cossey to the council and said she will not only be working in his office to assist him but will also be partnering with other organizations to promote Hamburg.

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