Hamburg’s mayor asked last week if there was a way to keep the political season out of sight — even if it wasn’t out of mind — for a little while this year.

Mayor Dane Weindorf brought up the issue of political campaign signs at the city council’s regularly scheduled meeting last week.

Weindorf said two circuit judge races with three candidates each raised the possibility of a run-off election that, by law, would be held in conjunction with the general election in November.

“I don’t want to see campaign signs all over town for that long,” the mayor told the five council members present. 

City attorney Paul Keith said there could be First Amendment issues with controlling the free speech of candidates, but acknowledged that the state and some cities already have laws and ordinances controlling signage. Keith said he would look at the sign issue and report back.

Even if there is no run-off in the judge races, there are partisan contests to be decided in November that include state senator, president, and state representative, which could be affected by any signage action taken by the city.

The council also had a brief discussion about acquiring a generator to operate a proposed storm warning system during power outages.

 The council decided to postpone the matter until a later meeting, however, when a more firm plan of what the city needs could be presented.

The council also tabled an agenda item regarding a fire marshal.  

The agenda did not have any old business slated for discussion, and the mayor said the city department heads had nothing to report.

Before the close of the meeting, Weindorf announced an open house at the new fire station on North Main Street has been set for March 19. 

Weindorf said additional scheduling information would be forthcoming.


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