The Hamburg mayor asked the council during Monday night’s meeting, to start discussing the limb and trash pickup with the citizens of Hamburg.

Currently the city of Hamburg charges $14 to pick up garbage, limbs and ‘anything, they put out there’, according to Mayor Dane Weindorf.

“Our neighboring city charges $17 per month and they have a pickup fee of $15 to $70 for picking up junk,” he said.

Weindorf said he didn’t want to charge to pickup junk, but the cost of everything is steadily going up and that a rate increase on the monthly trash bill might be necessary to keep up with rising costs.

“We are going to have to look at raising the rates maybe $2 a month,” Weindorf said. “I hate to do it, but the cost of everything has gone up.”

The mayor said he wanted the council to discuss the issue with residents and report back to him.

“It’s a service we offer to our citizens, that does cost us money, “ Weindorf said.

The mayor said that he also needs the citizens to volunteer to water grass in Norman Park. In October the city will be planting grass in the park and the mayor says it will need to be watered regulary.

“I need the citizens-baseball, softball-anybody that will help,” Weindorf said. “That park is going to be really be nice and if you go down there now you can see that.”

The mayor said that the city has spent the last two weeks steam cleaning the tennis courts and he hopes to repaint them as soon as the Hamburg High School tennis team’s season is over.

Mayor said that he plans to solicit the East Lab from Hamburg High School to help and will be looking for any other volunteers to help with the project.

“Tennis season goes out in October and hopefully we can find time to paint it because the courts will look a lot better than,” Weindorf said.

In other news:

The council approved the purchase of storage units for the fire station. “They aren’t lockers, they are storage units to keep all of their equipment in,” Weindorf said. The council approved the approximately $7,000 purchase unanimously.

The council approved the purchase of a bucket truck from the state surplus. The mayor said it’s an older model with only 40,000 miles on it. The negotiated purchase price is $9,000.. Additionally, the council approved that the mayor bid out the old bucket truck with a minimum bid of $2,500.

A company in McGehee requested to put a GPS antenna on the Hamburg water tower. The council approved that Progressive, Tractor and Implement be allowed to lease a space on the water tower for $500 per year for their antennas.

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