The Hamburg City Council voted March 22 to put the local baseball and softball leagues back in the city budget.

The leagues agreed in turn to be responsible for upkeep on the ball fields they use. 

In last month’s council meeting, one of council members brought up that the city needs to make sure the summer leagues were taken care since the late mayor, Dane Weindorf, had made that a priority. The council member in question wanted to make sure that the upkeep stayed a priority.

The council had previously approved the purchase of equipment during the February meeting, but were still discussing the issues of upkeep and field management. 

City Clerk and Acting Mayor Peggy Akers told the council that she had spoken with the leagues and they each wanted to go back to  a previous agreement they had with the city in which  the city gave them money for their budget and they ordered and purchased equipment instead of the city purchasing the equipment directly. 

Akers said that in the past the city dispersed $4,000 to the baseball league and $3,000 to the softball league. Additionally, Akers said the leagues agreed to be responsible for the upkeep of the fields and concession stands and the expense of the concession stand, umpires and any other league related expenses. 

Councilman Mike Sanderlin said that in the past the leagues had also sold signs to hang on the field to raise money for their programs and help pay for umpires and other expenses for the summer leagues. 

In other news:

-A representative from Southern Bancorp announced that the bank would be donating a plot of land to the city. The land is directly behind Akers Cleaners and Laundry Service on Elm Street. The bank representative told city attorney Paul Keith she would get him the land description and more specific information so that the title could be transferred over. 

 -Public Works Director Jimmy Hargis asked that the public be reminded that as yards are drying up it is time to start cleaning them up. Hargis said he would like the public to be reminded of the ordinances requiring them to keep their yards clean and that Hamburg will continue to enforce said ordinances. 

-Hamburg Fire Chief Tim Hollis said that bidding for the Crossett ladder fire truck would open on Thursday and that Hamburg was still planning to place a bid as discussed in the January meeting.

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