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Hamburg’s City Council will meet next Thursday to discuss appointing a mayor for the city.

The council hosted its regular monthly meeting on Thursday, Feb. 25. The meeting had been delayed following late Mayor Dane Weindorf’s Feb. 20 death, and the council adopted an ordinance that allowed City Attorney Paul Keith to chair the council meeting in the mayor’s absence.

City Clerk Peggy Akers  is acting as mayor until the council temporarily appoints someone to the position until an election can be held. Keith said Thursday that because there was more than a year left on Weindorf’s term that there would have to be an election. The council voted to have a special meeting on March 11 to discuss who will sit in as mayor until the election. Keith said the election will have to be in July or August because of the lengthy public notification  and  election commission deadlines that are required before a special election.

In other news:

4The council heard a presentation regarding the new Internet service that will soon be available to Hamburg residents. 

Rodney Govens, the technical operations manager for the Internet Service Provider Swyft Connect, spoke to the council about the upcoming installation of broadband and the packages that will be available to businesses and residents. Govens said that information will be going out to Hamburg residents soon.

4The council approved starting two services that are meant to protect residents from water leaks. 

One service will go on the water bill for approximately $1.30 a month unless residents choose to opt out of it. This service will cover the cost of one water bill a year in the event that a customer has a leak or unexpected high water usage. 

The other service will be billed separately and will offer more coverage options including sewer lines. The council approved turning over the city’s client list to the company that will administer the programs. Residents should soon start receiving information on coverage options.

4The council approved the purchase of a fingerprint machine as presented by Police Chief Johnny Oliver for up to $19,999. 

4Councilwoman Derenda Stanley asked the council to look over a proposal submitted regarding funds for the city’s baseball field. 

“I really believe the late mayor wanted to get the baseball program going,” Stanley said. 

Councilwoman DeAnne Murphy questioned some of the expenses listed and asked if parents were not still volunteering to clean concession stands and bathrooms. She said in the past parents worked together to get the ball park ready so that city workers didn’t have to. 

“I just know I’ve cleaned concession stands and bathrooms down there myself,” Murphy said. 

Akers said that the city workers have gone to the complex to start working, but that she believed that parents should be doing the work as well. 

“I certainly want to buy equipment,” Murphy said. 

None of the council members objected to the purchase of equipment, but some did object to the city workers doing all of the work.

“The parents of the ball players need to pitch in and help a lot too,” Councilman Mike Sanderlin said. “I spent many years down there — as I know some of you did, too — painting fields and mowing,” 

The discussion was ultimately after the mayor’s assistant, Georganna Cossey, said she was still working to get a complete set of costs for the equipment. 

“I just know this was really important to our late mayor,” Stanley said.

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