Grover returns as rodeo announcer

Announcer Scott Grover circles the Cap Gates Arena during the 2019 Crossett Riding Club PRCA rodeo. Grover is among the returning entertainment talent for 2020’s rodeo. (VAL GAUGHT/News Observer)

As the Crossett Riding Club’s PRCA Rodeo rolls into town, it will bring in different contestants each night —  but there are a few faces who will remain consistent, and entertaining, all week.

Some spectators might recognize Scott Grover as he has been the rodeo announcer for the past five rodeos. He will be back on Wednesday night to spend the week keeping spectators updated on the action.

Grover was named as the 2017 Women’s Professional Rodeo Association Announcer of the Year. He’s been recognized as the announcer for the Clem McSpadden National Finals Steer Roping, the Real Time Oain Relief Finals, the Prairie Circuit Finals Rodeo and the National Circuit Finals. Grover also serves as one of the key announcers of the Professional Bull Riding Association.

Grover’s wife Becky and his two children Statler and Lano come with him every year to the Crossett Rodeo. When the Grovers aren’t on the road, they make their home in Weston, Mo.

Another face that is no stranger to Crossett will be the clown face that Ronald Burton paints on before coming out into the arena. Burton was last in Crossett during the 2018 rodeo and he said he is very excited to be coming back this year.

Burton holds many titles and has been named the PRCA Contract of the Year for the past nine years.

He is from Philadelphia, Miss., but spends most of his time on the road entertaining at various rodeos.

Another act that will be coming to town will be something new. This year’s specialty act will be the Trixie Chicks, which consist of Kelsey Lauberth and Shelby Epperson and their horses, Cookie, Count, King, Cody and Lightening.

Last year’s specialty act was a stuntman named backflip Johnny who performed stunts all over the arena in a car, but this year the Trixie Chicks will be performing and trick riding on horses.

  “They are going to be good, I hope people will come out and see what they are about,” Belvin Hamm with the CRC said.

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