Want to go on a field trip and dream about the future of Hamburg’s parks?

Hamburg city officials are inviting members of the public to do just that on Friday, June 11.

The city’s recreation committee is considering the options it can pursue to install a splash pad in Hamburg, and so a group from Hamburg will be traveling to Monticello to see the splash pad at Jordan Park. The goal of the trip is to generate community conversation and bring out ideas from residents about what they would like to see in Hamburg’s parks.

“I would just like to give the community an idea, if they have never been to a splash pad, what takes place there and the design of it so they would be able to give some feedback when it comes time to hear from the community if this is something they would support,” assistant to the mayor Georganna Cossey said.

The consideration of installing the splash pad is paired with work to acquire a 50-percent matching grant of up to $500,000, which would require the city to match up to $250,000 if it received the full amount.

“The amount depends on the budget that comes from the splash pad company, so this input would help with that, the people having suggestions of what they would like to see and what is feasible,” Cossey said.

In addition to the trip, Cossey is working on an online survey that will be shared on the city’s Facebook page and Website. 

The survey will ask residents to let the city know if they would support the idea of a splash pad; if they want more activities around town; and if the city tried to get a splash pad, would they utilize it, among other questions.

“The city council wants to know that if they do spend this money that it is going to be used,” Cossey said. “If there is a lot of feedback, I will ask to have a special meeting with the city council to give them the tabulations.”

If the city gets the grant, City Hall will also have to host a public hearing to get further feedback from residents, Cossey said.

The group looking to evaluate the splash pad will leave from the Hamburg Square at 12:40 p.m. While those who go on the trip are not required to use it, the city will be providing a bus for those who want to ride along. The bus will leave Jordan Park at 3 p.m.

Those who RSVP by noon, Wednesday, June 9, can also have a box lunch as part of the trip.

To RSVP, contact Cossey via Facebook Messenger at bit.ly/3x3ThsW, or by email at mayorsadmin@cityofhamburg.com

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