Trojan horse on Main Street

(VERSHAL HOGAN/News Observer)



Yes, that really was a giant wooden horse you saw parked in front of the former Crossett Municipal Building on Main Street Friday.

The “Vote AGAINST Issue 2 and Issue 3” campaign brought the 10-foot wooden sculpture — which the campaign called a Trojan Horse — with the goal to illustrate, as a campaign spokesman said, that “Issue 2 and Issue 3 are sneaky, dirty tricks by politicians in the legislature meant to make fools of Arkansas voters.”

Issue 2 is labeled “The Arkansas Term Limits Amendment.” If adopted, however, it would change the current 16-year lifetime cap for legislators to a 12-year cap before they had to take a four-year break. After the break, however, the the legislators would be allowed to return for another 12 years.

“Issue 2 is the Lifetime Politician Amendment,” said Tom Steele, chairman of Arkansas Term Limits.

Issue 3, in turn. will “amend the process for the submission and approval of proposed initiated acts.” In the amending process, however, Issue 3 adds more stipulations to the petition process, which organizers said would make it more difficult for grassroots groups of citizens to petition reforms onto the ballot.

“I’m angry that our so-called representatives are once again trying to trick voters, to weaken their term limits with Issue 2 and destroy our citizen petition process with Issue 3,” said volunteer David Lindsay, who hauled the horse to Crossett.

“That’s why we are working hard to reach as many Arkansans as possible, to let them know that Issue 2 and issue 3 are the politicians’ Trojan Horse to take power away from us.”

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