GP workers attend job fair to find work in advance of layoffs

Georgia Pacific Crossett employees who will be affected by the announced layoffs attended a job fair Tuesday at the company’s Learning Center. Approximately 50 companies were on site to solicit resumes from job seekers.

Georgia Pacific hosted a job fair this week for its employees that will be losing their jobs at the GP Crossett mill in coming months.

Jennifer King with Georgia Pacific said on Tuesday morning that she believed things were off to a great start.

Approximately 50 different business or organizations had recruiting representatives present at the event, which was in the GP Learning Center.

“I have had employees need to use my copier to make more copies because they ran out of resumes, so that is a really good sign,” King said.

The company has previously announced plans to lay off approximately 500 employees in the fall.

In the company’s official notice to labor union representatives, management has indicated the first round of layoffs is expected to happen between Sept. 10 and Sept. 23.

The notice said that approximately 58 employees will lose their jobs during the initial round of layoffs.

The remaining positions will be terminated between the dates of Oct. 13 and Oct. 28.

The fair in progress gives those employees who will be impacted a chance to find new work with hopefully as little disruption as possible to their income.

Several manufacturing corporations as well as police departments and fire departments participated in the job fair Tuesday.

“We tried to get a wide variety of representatives here,” King said.

Be Pro Be Proud had a large modular vehicle parked outside to offer resources to job seekers. and the Arkansas Department of Workforce truck, which has been onsite at GP for several weeks, was parked outside as well.

“They can help with resumes, interview skills pretty much anything they need to get prepared and they have been here to prepare our employees for today,” King said.

King said that as of Tuesday the shutdown dates have not changed and Georgia Pacific will continue to do what they can to help workers as they prepare for the transition.

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