The Crossett Water Commission’s plant manager said he believes the commission can take on Georgia Pacific-Crossett as a customer without significant problems.

GP had approached the water commission with the request to add potable water service to its Crossett mill as part of the company’s overall reconfiguration of its facilities.

When the commission met to discuss the proposal last week, commissioners said they were unsure they would be able to supply the amount the plant needed.

Plant Manager Albert Mills said GP had initially asked the commission to provide up to 750 gallons per minute, and showed the commissioners a letter from their engineer, Les Price, that said the system as it currently stands could supply approximately 382 gallons per minute to the company without improvements.

Mills said Tuesday that he met with the representatives from the company on site to discuss their needs.

“According to what they told me, they are not wanting much more than 300 gallons a minute,” he said.

“As far as I know, this was going to be potable water and they are not going to utilize anything as far as process water.”

GP-Crossett Spokeswoman Jennifer King said the ongoing situation at GP — which is in the process of shutting down significant portions of its Crossett facility — played into the change of request.

“Our water usage is going to be less than what it was with the original request since we are doing a partial shut down,” she said.

As the process moves forward, GP’s engineers will draw up a plan and submit it to the water commission for review, Mills said.

“We will approve those plans and at that point we will be ready for construction,” he said.

Before the company can tap into the Crossett water system, however, GP will have to get a permit from the Arkansas Highway Commission to bore through the highway to reach the water line, Mills said.

But as for the initial concerns about the proposal, Mills said, “I don’t foresee any problems. We can handle that.”

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