Georgia Pacific has lined up 40 companies to come to a job fair later this month.

The fair, which will follow visits this week by the Governor’s Displaced Worker Task Force, comes after the company announced a planned 530 layoffs and the closure of many of its Crossett operations.

“We want every worker we’ve displaced to find employment somewhere,” Georgia Pacific Spokeswoman Jennifer King said.

Some in the community have been confused about when the job fair would happen after Graphic Packaging and Aero Jet canceled recruiting events in Crossett. Officials with Graphic Packaging said, however, that the cancellation should be considered a change of plans.

“We didn’t cancel; we just postponed,” said Dean Baugh with Graphic Packaging.

Baugh said that representatives from Georgia Pacific contacted Graphic Packaging about the job fair they had planned earlier this month, but it was only to invite them to the GP events at the Learning Center July 23 and 24.

King said that her concern was the time that the Graphic Packaging meet-and-greet was set for would exclude workers from certain GP shifts from participating.

“The way their times were set up, it wasn’t going to work with our shift change and we want each and every employee to be able to attend and submit a resume,” King said.

GP isn’t contacting companies to cancel job fairs or events, King said. They are contacting them to invite them to one that is strategically planned to allow all employees to participate.

King said that an online rumor that Georgia Pacific asked Aerojet to stop accepting resumes from GP employees is untrue.

“Companies can do whatever they want, we have no control over that,” King said.

“We did have a conversation with them about their job fair being at a time we didn’t think was best for our employees, but we didn’t pay them to cancel it.”

King said there are 40 companies lined up to come to the job fair and GP is working to add more.

In addition, King said Friday that the Arkansas Workforce will be at GP this Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday to assist employees with resumes and interview skills.

“We want them all to be prepared for the job fair in July,” king said.

King said they will also be giving information out on all of the different types of aid or assistance that is available to displaced workers.

“We want each and and every one of our employees to find work somewhere and we are going to do everything we can to help,” King said.

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