Representatives from Georgia Pacific are working with the City of Crossett to find a place to relocate radio antennas that the Crossett School District and other entities in Crossett use.

As Georgia Pacific closes a large portion of its operations in Crossett, it will demolish what is known as the 8R Boiler. Several antennas that do not belong to GP sit on top of the 8R Boiler building.

GP Crossett Spokeswoman Jennifer King said she currently has people working to inventory the antennas and compile a list of what they are and who they belong to.

“Some of those antennas have been up there for years and I don’t even know what all of them are, but we’ve got some time to work it out,” King said.

One of the antennas belongs to the Crossett School District and is what the transportation system uses for communication with the school buses.

King said she has contacted the school district and plans to assist them with finding a new location.

King said it is possible that others belong to the city or other private entities, but she couldn’t say for sure until the inventory list was complete.

The Crossett Police Chief JW Cruce said that at one time the police department had antennas up there, but he didn’t think they were still there.

City Deputy Clerk Lisa Gulledge said that it was her understanding that all of the antennas for the city were located on the Municipal Building on Main Street.

The building has no set demolition date, but King said it would not be before October.

In a related matter, Georgia Pacific will continue operating the treatment facility that also handles the City of Crossett’s wasetwater.

Crossett Public Works Director Jeff Harrisson said that the city’s water system, which flows through Georgia Pacific’s lines, would not change after the partial shutdown.

“The pending partial shutdown will not impact our operating the wastewater treatment system,” Georgia Pacific said in a news release.

“We will continue to treat wastewater from the mill and also continue to treat the City of Crossett’s wastewater as well.”

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