Georgia Pacific announced additional layoffs on Tuesday morning.

Approximately 25 workers will lose their jobs in the shutdown of the Sparkle paper towel production site in Crossett, Georgia Pacific Crossett Spokeswoman Jennifer King said.

“It will be the end of this year or the first of next year,” King said.

King said the Crossett mill will now focus on tissue production alone. Paper machines No. 6, 7, and 8; the converting areas known as Diamond, Forte, New A and A05; and all processes needed to run those lines -- including but not limited to power, steam, water, repulpers, shipping, maintenance -- will still run after C04 is shut down.

King said this is something that has been discussed for a while, but nothing was for sure until she got the announcement early this week.

The estimated approximately 25 employees affected were all notified by Tuesday morning that they would be losing their jobs.

King said that it is possible that this announcement means more demolition for the site, but she cannot say for sure.

Some of the Crossett production orders will be moved to a mill in Polatka, Fla., once the operations are shut down in Crossett.

No other information was available at press time, though King said she hoped this was the last lay off announcement.

This new round of layoffs follows a more significant one announced in June, in which the company said it would close the Crossett bleached board operations, its older tissue machines, the extrusion plant, wood yard, pulp mill and a significant portion of the energy complex.

Approximately 500 workers are losing their jobs as a result of that announcement.

-A previous version of this story contained incomplete information. The  AO5, AO9, and A10 machines will remain in operation at the mill.

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