Fire claims young life in North Crossett

The residence at 806 Fairview Road in North Crossett burned in the early morning of July 3. While others in the house escaped, Taylor Smith, 7, died in the incident.

A Fountain Hill girl died in a house fire in North Crossett last week.

Taylor Makenzie Smith, 7, perished in the 806 Fairview Road blaze that the North Crossett and Crossett fire departments responded to at approximately 6 a.m. July 3.

Crossett Fire Chief Bo Higgonbotham, said the Crossett Fire Dept provided mutual aid to the North Crossett Fire Department.

Higgonbotham said that the Crossett Fire Department also assisted in the investigation of the fire as well, and though an exact cause has not yet been determined, evidence suggests that the fire was an accident. Officials believe the fire started in the living room of the mobile home, Higgonbothan said.

The fire chief confirmed that the fire was fatal and that one minor child was killed in the incident, he declined to release any information about the child.

Though, the victim’s name was not officially released by authorities, multiple first responders shared seven year old Taylor Makenzie Smith’s obituary to social media with captions stating “they wished there would have been something they could do to save her.”

“My heart is broken for this family; being (on scene) and not being able to do anything to help this little girl is one of the worst feelings I have ever had in my career in law enforcement,” Brandon Kelly with the Crossett Police Department said.

The Hamburg School District also released a statement to social media offering condolences to the family. Smith had recently finished the first grade.

“We would like to express our deepest sympathy to the family of Taylor Smith,” the HSD statement said. “She was a precious first grade student of ours who died tragically in a house fire. This saddens us greatly. Taylor was loved by so many.”

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