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The National Weather Service has issued a forecast that predicts temperatures will fall into the lower teens early next week. Snow is also considered possible.

The NWS’s discussion of the forecast says that, “Bitter arctic air (is) to remain entrenched across the north-central U.S. through the week while slowly expanding southward.

It continues, “On the southern edge of the arctic surface high and north of a frontal boundary stretched from the Southern Plains into the Southeast, freezing rain is forecast to develop…Meanwhile, farther south along the aforementioned front, widespread rain showers and thunderstorms are expected across the southeastern U.S., which could lead to an inch or two of rain through Friday.”

The forecast for the Hamburg area predicts rain will begin to fall after 9 p.m. Feb. 10, which will usher in cooler weather with lows in the mid-30s Fahrenheit. 

The chance of precipitation on Thursday is 100 percent in the forecast, which also warns that gusts of wind as high as 20 miles per hour are possible. That evening, the NWS warns that there’s a chance of freezing rain and sleet before midnight. The wind gusts are expected to continue and drop the temperatures into the upper 20s.

Friday is expected to remain cold, with the low temperature falling to 25 that night. Saturday’s daytime temperatures are expected to break freezing — but just barely — before falling that night to 16.

The Weather Service’s prediction for Sunday places the high near 27, with a low that evening at around 14.

As of Feb. 9, the high for Monday, Feb. 15, was forecast to be near 25 with a 40 percent chance of snow. The temperatures that night are expected to fall to 16. The NWS model also shows a 20 percent chance of snow for the following day, though the temperature is expected to climb to several degrees above freezing.

When ice is falling, the NWS recommends that you:

-Minimize travel.

-Stay indoors during the worst part of the extreme cold.

-Keep a winter survival kit in your vehicle if you must travel.

-Check tire pressure, antifreeze levels, heater/defroster, etc.

-Learn how to shut off water valves for potential pipe bursts.

-Check on the elderly.

-Bring pets inside.

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