Driver escapes car submerged after hydroplane

A Bastrop woman — who officials declined to identify — was able to escape her submerged car after it swerved into a deep ditch after hydroplaning May 9. The water was high on the road because of heavy rains from the previous night.

A Bastrop woman hydroplaned and landed underwater in a ditch south of Crossett last Thursday morning.

Ashley County Sheriff’s Department Deputy Michael Vorhease said a Bastrop woman — who he declined to identify — was traveling south on U.S. Highway 133 before daylight May 9 when the incident happened.

The woman’s vehicle landed in the ditch between Ashley 5 and Ashley 3, approximately three miles south of Ashley 3, which was swollen with several feet of water from flooding that followed after heavy rains the night before.

“It was so dark she couldn’t see the water and she just hydroplaned,” Vorhease said.

The vehicle was completely submerged in the ditch and was left there with only the tire visible for several hours until it could be safely removed.

“I couldn’t even tell what kind of vehicle it was, all I could see was the tire, but it was a passenger car,” Vorhease said.

Vorhease said the woman climbed out of the vehicle on her own, but it was too dangerous for the tow truck or wrecker service to remove the vehicle for several hours.

ACSO Deputy Hunter Smith worked the accident and reported no injuries and no other passengers.

The same rains caused considerable flash flooding around Ashley County, forcing the closure of at least 16 roads.

The Crossett and Hamburg school districts suspended classes for the day in response to the high water so student safety was not endangered crossing submerged roadways.

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