The next phase of Georgia Pacific-Crossett’s permanent closure of some of its Crossett lines will begin next week as demolition of two buildings gets under way.

The buildings, which a GP spokesperson said will be near U.S. 82, are on the southern end of the GP property.

The demolition is set to begin July 13, and weather permitting the demolition will be complete by July 24, the spokesperson said.

All prior required inspections and environmental concerns — such as for asbestos — have been met, the spokesperson said, and the company has filed a notice of intent of its plan with the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality, which has approved the plan.

Though the buildings in question are near U.S. 82 and can be seen from the roadway, the work should not impact traffic, the spokesperson said. One of the buildings in question is just inside the GP complex on the company’s side of the railroad tracks.

GP announced in June 2019 that it would restructure its Crossett operations, including shuttering the Crossett bleached board operations, its older tissue machines, the extrusion plant, wood yard, pulp mill and a significant portion of the energy complex. While most of the layoffs that accompanied those closures are now effective, the company has announced plans to temporarily recall some workers to operate machines necessary to rebuild its tissue warehouse supply and meet market demand following the spring’s unprecedented and unanticipated runs on toilet paper. 

The Crossett mill is located on a 650-acre complex. Originally the site of the Crossett Lumber Company, Georgia-Pacific purchased the mill in 1962, and expanded its paper operations in Crossett in 1976. The company made additional upgrades to paper and pulp operations in 1984.

It opened the Crossett Chemical plant — which traded ownership in a 2018 sale to Ingevity  — in 1981.

The company’s Crossett plywood mill was mothballed in 2011, permanently closed in 2016 and burned in an accidental fire in 2017.

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