Cynergy Cargo to build facility in Crossett, hire 70 workers

A trailer manufacturing company announced Thursday that it will build a new facility in Crossett and hire 70 workers in the next 24 months.

Cynergy Cargo started in 2012 and is located in Douglas, Ga., and has manufactured more than 30,000 trailers since its inception. The Crossett expansion will be Cynergy’s third line and will more than double the company’s current workforce of 60.

“Cynergy Cargo is a great fit for Arkansas,” said Secretary of Commerce Mike Preston. “We embrace small businesses, and we believe that Cynergy has the business tools and entrepreneurial spirit needed to grow and succeed. We couldn’t be happier that they chose to invest in the workforce and community in Crossett.”

The new Cynergy facility will be located in the Crossett Industrial Park, and the jobs available will include carpenters, welders and electricians, among others.

The Crossett location will allow Cynergy to be closer to its customer base. Crossett Economic Development Executive Director Mike Smith said the company chose the industrial park because of its location and proximity to rail, which will ensure they can reach customers at a low cost.

Cynergy owner Vigler Mazariegos said the support received from state and local leaders was part of the reason he chose Crossett.

“Through every step of the process, we have received outstanding support from Crossett Economic Development Commission as well as the Arkansas Economic Development Commission,” Mazariegos said. “In the spirit of progress, these leaders have expressed immense interest to create more employment opportunities for citizens.”

Cynergy will use a temporary local location will they await the construction of their ultimate Crossett facility.

“The economic impact of 70 new jobs in Crossett and southeast Arkansas cannot be overstated, especially at a time when we need this good news the most,” said Howard Beaty Jr., president of the Crossett Economic Development Foundation. “This announcement would not be possible without the support of the community, our partnership with Gov. (Asa) Hutchinson, and the Arkansas Economic Development Commission.” 

Hutchinson thanked Cynergy for its commitment to the region during a time when people could use some good news.

“I want to thank Cynergy Cargo for having the vision of moving forward and having faith in the future of our country and our workforce in Crossett,” Hutchinson said. “As a growing business, Cynergy will fit right in with the hardworking families in south Arkansas.” 


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