The Crossett School District’s annual report to the public was presented during Monday night’s school board meeting.

Each school administrator gave an update on progress, test scores and enrollment. 

The CSD’s enrollment is down for this year, and the school administrators said that they feel like that is because of COVID-19 and a larger number of parents choosing to homeschool than in the previous years.

The school district still offers virtual learning, which allows students to stay enrolled and learn from home.  

Crossett Elementary School Principal Veronica Robinson said her school is seeing a lot of students who started in virtual learning return to school. She said she’s had several parents contact her with plans to return to in-person learning after the holidays.

Crossett Middle School Principal Lynn Parker said CMS is working to try to bring students back as well and were struggling with some students who are enrolled in the virtual program but not active. Parker said they were trying to stay on top of contacting parents and encouraging those were inactive or falling behind. 

Crossett High School principal Anthony Boykin said that he had been working with UAM-CTC to get an alternate method in place so students who are falling behind also finish. 

The school administrators also discussed Capturing Kids’ Hearts, a program that the district started at the beginning of this school year. 

The Capturing Kids’ Hearts Foundation Board selects schools in need from around the nation and works with districts to help teachers transform their approach to connecting with, teaching, training and leading students. 

Crossett Elementary School Assistant Principal John Brooks said that the elementary school has seen a decrease in discipline issues since starting the program.

He said there has been a 73 percent decrease in discipline referrals this year at CES. 

Brooks also said that the program has social contracts that teachers and students are required to enter into. Brooks said the program puts focus on making sure the teachers understand how important it is to be an active role in each student’s life and not just be present at the school. 

“In order to successfully educate our students , we must connect with them,” Brooks said. 

“In order to capture a child’s mind, we must first capture their hearts,” he said.

In other news:

4The board accepted the resignation of James Adcock. His resignation was the only resignation on Monday. 

4The board voted to hire Madison Collins, Kelly McGhee, and Kaley White for the 21st CCLC After School Program

4The board approved use of school district facilities for Project Graduation, which offers a safe and sober alternative to post-graduation ceremony partying.

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