Want to see more recreation opportunities offered in the Crossett area? Now is your chance to get involved.

The City of Crossett is seeking volunteers to serve on the Crossett Recreation Commission. The body, which operates under  AR Code § 14-269-301, currently has three positions open.

Commission members are appointed by the mayor, but are also confirmed by a majority vote of the City Council, and are appointed to serve for a term of five years.

Those who are interested may call the mayor’s office or just start attending meetings at 5:15 p.m. the second Tuesday of each month to get a better idea of what the commission does, Mayor Crystal Marshall said.

“They would be a governing body to help us determine what kind of events we have in Crossest, that help us make the rules and regulations for our pool and our ball fields and our city park, that help us move forward with all we currently have, and that help plan for future Parks and Recreation structured events,” Marshall said. 

The state statute that defines the commission’s powers states that, “The commissioners shall adopt such rules and regulations as they may deem necessary and expedient for the proper operation and management of the municipal parks and recreation program, and they shall have the authority to alter, change, or amend the rules and regulations at their discretion.” Marshall said the commission is currently reviewing its bylaws to better define what its role will be in connection with the already existing Parks and Recreation program.

Because the commission is structured by state statute rather than city ordinance, it has some stipulations about who can serve. The members need to be qualified electors who live in the city limits, though members can be appointed from outside the city limits if candidates who live inside the municipal boundaries do not present themselves.

“Because that is state statute that is not something the city council would be able to alter,” Marshall said.

Those who want to serve should be willing to serve a five-year term, she said, and the city is hoping to see the commission become a more active body in coming years.

“We want to get them active and empowered and have a nice, solid team leading our Parks and Recreation Department in Crossest,” Marshall said.

“We have made some good changes with our ball park, and I am really excited with us, with what (Assistant Parks and Recreation Director) Sarah Stagg is doing.”

Having a commission working with the Parks and Recreation team will be good for the community, Marshall said.

“We want to maximize what we can do for our city and our community, and our whole region,” she said. “We want to see an active, meaningful commission that makes a real difference in Crossett. The more people we have involved, the better the team.”

Those who are interested in serving can contact the mayor’s office at 870-364-8645. 

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