The Crossett School Board approved the purchase of new stadium lighting for two of Crossett’s athletic facilities at its Monday meeting.

The board also approved the purchase of a new bus and accepted three technology bids.

CSD Maintenance Director Phillip Kelley said that the football stadium lights at Crossett High School’s Yarbrough Field haven’t been upgraded in 15 or 20 years.

The southwest tower is now out and Kelley told the board that it would be more efficient to replace the lights altogether.

“We’ve got the money for this now and we need to fix it while we can,” Kelley said.

In addition to the football stadium, the softball field will get an upgrade as well.

Both will be upgraded to LED lighting.

The bid the board approved for both lighting projects was $316,020.

The board also voted to allow the district to purchase a new school bus. Kelley told the board that an engine had gone out on a 2004 model bus with more than 100,000 miles on it. The engine replacement was estimated to be around $10,000.

“Something that age, it’s just not good common sense to put that amount of money into a bus that old,” Kelley said.

The winning bid for the new bus came from Central State Bus. The bid was for a new Bluebird 77-passenger bus with air conditioning in the amount of $86,850.

The three technology bids approved totaled $122,205.46.

The first bid was for Google Chromebooks for Crossett Middle School in the amount of $45,552.60. The books will go to the incoming seventh graders to use for the Summit program. The bid also included cases for the books and the Go-Guardian software program.

The second bid was approximately $8,000 for new charging stations to be used in the classroom.

The third bid was $68,482 for 233 new devices to be purchased for the Crossett Elementary School. Superintendent Gary Williams said the purchase would allow for every classroom K-4 to have a device for each student.

In other news:

4The personnel list as presented by Williams was approved.

The list included hiring Ryne Rainey and Josh Cook as CHS teaches and coaches; Bradley Englerth and Zac Collins as CMS teachers; Jade Huntsman as a nurse at CMS and Sheila Phillips as a teacher at Crossett Learning Center.

4The school board approved the purchase service contracts for the 2019-2020 school year and said there were no new companies on the list.

4The board approved the new board policies which included changes to the out-of-state meal reimbursement, vacation and out of state travel.

The meal policy was changed to include tipping in the reimbursement amounts so that travelers do not have to tip out of pocket. Employee vacation days can be carried over beyond the calendar year of June 30, but must be used by December 30. Out-of-state travel within 130 miles of the school can be approved by the superintendent.

4The board approved the transfer of $1.4 million into the building fund. State law requires that the fund maintain a balance that is equal to 20 percent of the district’s revenue.

The transfer fulfilled the district’s legal requirement and Williams said the money would be committed to maintain and upgrade existing facilities.

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