The Crossett Riding Club’s PRCA Rodeo has not been canceled, but a club spokesman said it has been postponed until the club can make sure they are following the guidelines for public events in the era of COVID-19.

“It’s not that we don’t want to have a rodeo, but the way they have (the current guidelines) set up now we wouldn’t be able to have any fans there,” said Belvin Hamm with the Crossett Riding Club. 

The Crossett Riding Club had its annual PRCA rodeo scheduled for the last week of May — which would have been the second year for it to be set for a spring date —  but because of the COVID-19 outbreak organizers had to postpone it. 

Hamm said the CRC will meet on May 26 to discuss the future of the rodeo. 

The Crossett rodeo, which was always held in late summer, was moved to May last year for a number of reasons. 

One reason was that a large rodeo in Fort Smith was held the third week of May putting Crossett’s Rodeo in the path of travelers leaving that rodeo headed for their next destination. The change was made in the hope that the Fort Smith rodeo would bring more traffic to Crossett. 

Hamm said Crossett is working with the people of Fort Smith with the hope of keeping that same pattern and have Crossett’s rodeo following the one in Fort Smith.

“We have to follow state guidelines so even though we are ready to make decisions and ready to have the rodeo, we can’t do anything right now,” Hamm said. 

“We are waiting on them, but as soon as they open it up for us we are ready to have it.”

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