The Crossett Police Department is urging residents to lock their cars after a string of car thefts in the last month.

Three vehicles in Crossett were stolen from homes in the city limits and in the county outside the city limits over the last three weeks.

CPD Investigator Shelbi Hust said that the first incident happened at the end of August and that they believe all three thefts are related.

“All the vehicles have been recovered; they mainly just took them for a joy ride and dumped them off somewhere,” Hust said.

In all three thefts, the keys were left inside the unlocked vehicle.

“They didn’t really break into the vehicles,” Hust said. “They entered into them. They were all unlocked.”

Two of the incidents were inside the city limits, with one on Cedar street and another on West Ninth. The third incident happened in West Crossett on Marais Saline Road.

Of the two vehicles stolen within the city limits, one of the vehicles was recovered on Stephens Road in West Crossett and the other was recovered on Laney Road in West Crossett.

Hust said a juvenile suspect was arrested last week and police are looking into a second suspect in the investigation.

“We knew they were connected because they were so similar,” she said. “They’re not damaging them, just taking them out for a joy ride and abandoning them.”

In addition to the car thefts, there has also been a flood of recent reports of items missing from unlocked vehicles in the City of Crossett.

Hust said earlier this month a gun was stolen from an unlocked vehicle.

“It’s sad that we don’t live in 1970 where people could leave their vehicles unlocked, but we have a problem and we need people to know so that they will stop leaving their vehicles unlocked and stop leaving their keys in their cars,” Hust said.

The Crossett Police Department is advising all residents to lock their vehicles and to not leave anything of value in parked vehicles.

Anyone with information about the crimes is asked to contact the Crossett Police Department at 870-364-4131.

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