The City of Crossett could soon be seeking a person to help complete jobs around the city if the city council approves the details.

Councilwoman Crystal Marshall told the council Monday night that there are projects all over the city that aren’t being completed.

Marshall said that each department has skilled employees, but that there are responsibilities in their department that are higher priority than odd-and-end jobs around the city.

“If we have a need for that skillset outside of their department, it has to wait until they can get to it because they have other priorities within their department,” Marshall said.

There are projects at the Youth Center, City Park and other areas of the city that have been put on the back burner, she said.

There is a bridge in the city park that needs repair and could potentially be a safety hazard, but the city workers have been unable to repair it because of other obligations in the city.

“What I would propose for us to consider is that we add an additional employee that would not be assigned to a specific department, but be a floater with highly specialized skills such as carpentry or concrete work,” Marshall said.

The new employee would be outside of departments to focus on the general needs of the city. There is already a list of issues around the city that need to be tended to.

“We have aging properties and I don’t see that list getting any smaller,” Marshall said.

Councilwoman Lynn Rodgers made a motion that Marshall work with Public Works Director Jeff Harrison on a proposal for the new employee’s salary, equipment, and duties to present to the council.

Marshall said she would work with Harrison to present something to the council at a later meeting.

In other news:

-Fire Chief Bo Higginbotham and Darrell Osburn from Sunbelt presented a proposal to the council to purchase a demonstration model to replace an aging fire truck.

The council discussed the fire fleet and the expected maintenance on the trucks, including how the newest vehicle in the fleet was a 2002 model. Rodgers asked for Osburn to put together a proposal on all of the trucks potentially needed.

-The council approved an ordiance as discussed in the special meeting regarding leaf and limb removal. When enacted, the ordinance will introduce changes to how limbs, leaves and junk are picked up around the city.

-The council approved a new ordinance regarding substance abuse and drug testing city employees.

-Marshall announced that Sarah Hollimon was hired as the new pool manager and gave an update on the city pool.

The construction of the city pool was slightly delayed and has no definite date for opening, but the city is currently hiring life guards.

-The council voted that Mary Jo Jones replace Glenda Gresham’s seat on the water commission.

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