A Crossett man was arrested and faces rape and child pornography charges after the Crossett Police Department received a report that an adult male had possibly solicited pornographic pictures from a 16 year old female.

According to a news release issued by the Crossett Police Department, an alleged victim reported Oct. 9 that Landon Johnson, 37, of Crossett offered to smoke marijuana with a minor female and she accepted the offer.

The juvenile told police that Johnson said he could get “inappropriate” at times and she thought he meant with his language. The juvenile also reported to police that Johnson allegedly requested inappropriate pictures for Snap Chat and other inappropriate acts.

The report also says that Johnson allegedly bargained with the juvenile and offered her marijuana to keep a secret about the inappropriate behavior.

The juvenile reported the incidents, which prompted a relative to also file a report.

The release from the Crossett Police Department states that after the juvenile reported the incident, her relative reported that she had also been sexually assaulted by Johnson.

The second victim told police that Johnson owns Daylight Donuts in Crossett and that she was employed by him at the time of the alleged incident.

The report states that in approximately March or April of 2018, Johnson allegedly made sexual comments to her while they were at the workplace. The second victim reported that the comments then escalated into inappropriate behavior. According to the victim’s report the inappropriate behavior progressed over the summer and sometime in June an alleged incident occurred that prompted the victim to turn in a two week notice.

The second victim stated that she did not tell anyone about what happened because she was afraid of what her father would do.

The news release stated that the alleged victim came forward after hearing about alleged incident between Mr. Johnson and her 16-year-old relative.

A warrant for arrest was obtained for Johnson, and on Oct. 14 Johnson was arrested on a warrant for rape, computer child pornography, and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. The news release states that while booking Johnson in for the charges on the warrant, he stated that he needed to speak with his lawyer before he made any statements.

Johnson was transported to the Ashley County Detention Center and held for a bond hearing.

Johnson received a $50,000 bond Oct. 15 and was released after posting bond.

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