There’s a light shining on Crossett, but it’s not the light of a new day. Instead, it’s the light of a new night.

Entergy is in the process of replacing the lights in the streetlamps on Main Street in Crossett with LED lighting instead of the incandescent bulbs traditionally used.

Crossett Mayor Crystal Marshall said the city had requested Entergy upgrade the light poles to the LED.

“It emits a much more efficient and flattering, prettier light,” Marshall said. “The incandescent is far less efficient; (LED) costs a lot less to run and it lasts a lot longer.”

Incandescent light bulbs on street lights go out fairly quickly, Marshall said. LED bulbs last longer, so the streetlight owners — Entergy — won’t have to change them as often. 

“We really rely on that partnership, for them to change them, and ideally the best case scenario is not having to change them as often,” she said.

Since the work is under way, residents can compare the two types of light.

“If you drive at night, you can clearly see that some are florescent and compare those to the LED,” Marshall said. 

The mayor said the lighting upgrade goes along well with the city’s focus on improving Main Street.

“It’s just a win for our town,” she said. “We have all these puzzle pieces that are fitting together for having this really beautiful Main Street, which is just the core of Americana.

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