The City of Crossett carried approximately $700,000 over from its 2018 budget year, and officials said the city is on track to do so again this year.

Deputy Clerk Lisa Gulledge gave a report of the city’s finances to the Crossett City Council at Monday night’s finance meeting.

Gulledge said the report had been reviewed by the city’s accountant — Mark Terrell — and approved by each of the department heads.

As part of the review, a new line item was added per the request of the council at a previous meeting.

Council members suggested it would easier to recognize the “windfall money”, or carry over, if it was separated from the capital account.

Gulledge said out of the $700,000 that was carried over from last year’s budget, $300,000 was transferred into a reserve fund to keep it separate from the capital account.

“This was to give clarity to funds that have not been allocated and are a true reserve,” Gulledge said.

Councilwoman Crystal Marshall said that it would make the budget more organized and less confusing.

“The capital account has a cushion too, but now we have some separated out,” Marshall said.

“We carried over $700,000 in 2018 and we are on track for a large carryover this year as well,” Gulledge said.

In other news:

-Mayor Scott McCormick said the sprinklers are scheduled to be repaired at Centennial Park soon to help maintain the plants. McCormick said he was concerned about the high cost to operate and maintain the park as the mechanisms require repair often and are expensive.

-Marshall announced that the ambulance receipts are tracking above budget. “It appears the third-party billing is garnering profits as well as freeing up one of our employees for other tasks,” Marshall said.

4Council members requested that Crossett Complex Director Larry Cantley and the Parks and Recreaction Commission members come to the next council meeting to give details on the fees being charged and revenues generated at the complex.

-The council members questioned a bill that was presented by City Attorney James Hamilton to the Crossett Airport Commission because he currently receives two salaries from the city.

The council members said it was unclear why those salaries wouldn’t cover the item for which he billed.

Hamilton was absent and therefore unable to give an explanation.

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