In Ashley County elections Tuesday, the Democratic incumbent county clerk was able to hold off a bid from a Republican challenger, and a long-time tax collector’s office employee was elected to the head chair in the office.

Ashley County Clerk Christie Martin was re-elected to her office with 33,368 votes, while her challenger, Debbie Babb, received 2,788 votes.

In the Tax Collector’s race, Lori Tomerlin Pennington was elected over her opponent, Tammy Cook. Pennington received 2,248 votes, while Cook took 2,812.

Pennington, who has worked in the office for years, said she is very excited and can’t wait to continue to serve the county in the collector’s office, but now as the collector.

“I’m very thankful for the opportunity and for the votes,” she said.

Independent candidate Ron Miller was elected Justice of the Peace for District 1 with 326 votes, beating James Lee Austin, who received 227 votes.

In the District 11 Justice of the Peace race, Greg Sivils won with 435 votes over James Phifer’s 170 ballots and Royce Young’s 137.

The Millcreek Township Constable’s race went to Danny Lephiew with 330 votes. The other candidate, Lawrence Watt, received 135.

On state measures, approximately Ashley County were 5,271 to 858 in favor of requiring photo ID to vote; 3,224 to 2,915 in favor of allowing casino expansion in Arkansas; and and 4,212 to 1,927 in favor of increasing the state minimum wage to $11 an hour.

Val Gaught contributed to this report.

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