The Hamburg City Council refused a second reading on one of the ordinances presented at its meeting Monday and tabled another ordinance involving sewer rates.

The first ordinance presented to the council was to prohibit commercial vehicles — vehicles rated to haul more than 15,000 pounds — from using a portion of West Foote Street.

Mayor Dane Weindorf told the council that such heavy vehicles were damaging the street and that the ordinance would cut back on maintenance cost.

The ordinance said that those in violation would be fined $50 to $100 if found guilty.

“How many times is that one farmer going to get hit by this before you do something else?” Councilwoman Derinda Stanley said.

Weindorf said that the farmers, log truck drivers or other violaters would be fined each time they were found guilty.

The ordinance exempted city vehicles, delivery vehicles, utility vehicles that were working in the area and “other necessary vehicles.”

After the discussion and initial reading, Councilwoman DeAnne Murphy made a motion for second reading, but at first vote, Council members Mike Sanderlin, Stanley, Daniel Shelton and Beverly Mays voted against the second reading. Without a second or third reading, the ordinance could not procedurally move forward to a final vote, and so died on the table for the meeting.

The next ordinance presented was to raise the monthly sewer rates by $2 per month.

“Crossett’s at $18.50 and they charge extra for each pick up,” Weindorf said.

Sanderlin said that he didn’t think people would have a problem with the increase as long as it wasn’t worded like it was an increase just to cover picking up limbs.

“Everybody realizes that expenses and running of a business goes up every year,”Sanderlin said. “Two dollars in two years ain’t much.”

Stanley agreed with him and said that she didn’t think that it needed to be for limbs, but that the rates needed to be raised or a billing system needed to be implemented.

The ordinance as presented did not mention leaves or limits and simply called it a sanitation increase.

The council members tabled the ordinance, agreeing to discuss the issue further and revisit it at the next council meeting.

In other news:

-The council approved the purchase of a Kubota tractor for $12,000 to be used to clean city ditches.

-The mayor signed a proclamation declaring Oct. 4 as Go Pink Day for Breast Cancer Awareness.

-Weindorf announced that Century Next Bank is adding a large “welcome” sign at the entrance of Hamburg. It will be past the fire station as drivers enter town.

-Next month’s city council meeting will be in Norman Park, weather permitting.

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