The Crossett City Council voted on Monday to rescind last week’s motion to cancel the leaf and limb service provided by the city.

The council had its regular monthly meeting Monday night and voted to reverse what was done during last week’s special meeting.

Councilwoman Lynn Rodgers made the motion to rescind her special meeting motion, and once the council voted in favor of the motion to rescind, Rodgers made two other motions.

The first motion was to appoint Councilman Cary Carter as the head of the committee that was put together to find a solution for the leaf, limb and trash pickup service.

Rodgers said that after last week’s meeting she spoke with Public Works Director Jeff Harrison, who said that he may have found an alternative solution.

Rodgers suggested that Carter, the committee and Harrison work together on Harrison’s new idea.

In the motion, Rodgers said that the leaf and limb pickup would be suspended temporarily while the new solution is worked out.

After the council voted unanimously to appoint Carter over the committee to find a solution for the leaf and limb pickup, Rodgers made another motion regarding trash pickup.

Rodgers asked that a purchase of the “one-armed bandit” be approved and that the new trash pickup procedures that were approved the week before remain as planned.

Rodgers said that the truck that the city had originally planned to purchase was no longer available, but if the council would approve her motion it would enable Harrison to start looking for a new one.

The council approved Rodger’s motion unanimously and the city will move forward with transitioning to the new trash pick up system as soon as all of the necessary equipment is purchased.

In other news:

-Mary Jo Jones presented the council with another month of finances for the Crossett Water Department. Jones said that there was a loss shown in September of approximately $3,420, but that was because of a $6,000 annual accounting bill coming due and other consultation fees that aren’t monthly expenses.

Jones said that the council will be presented with the finances of the remaining months of 2018 at next month’s meeting. Jones said they hope to be completely caught up before too much longer.

-Mayor Scott McCormick told the council that Billy Bell had resigned from the Housing Authority Commission and that the commission members had requested that Chad Newton be appointed in his place.

The council approved unanimously.

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