The Crossett City Council approved a handbook for city employees Monday night.

Councilwoman Crystal Marshall presented the updated handbook to the council for approval after changing a few things she felt were unclear.

The new handbook changed vacation days and sick days, which benefited most employees, though for some it took away days they had earned.

“I don’t want to take away anything that anyone has earned, so we decided that we would grandfather employees in,” Marshall said.

The handbook is for all city employees both old and new. The pages that deal with the vacation, pay schedules and sick day policies are noted that employees who were hired before May 1 were grandfathered into the old policy.

The department heads are now responsible for making sure each employee has a handbook and that they sign a form for their empoloyement file stating that they have read and received the city handbook.

In other news:

-The council reappointed Herb Hutchinson to a five-year term on the Crossett Airport Commission.

-Diane Martar, the new water department manager, announced that the finanicals for 2018 were completed and would be sent for audit as soon as the commission reviewed them.

-Crossett City Library Librarian David Anderson gave a report and said that the Crossett Library currently has nearly $5 million in assets.

Anderson also said that the new LED project installed last year saved the library approximately $7,000 in 2018.

-When a member of the audience asked about leaf and limb pickup, Councilman Cary Carter said he was working with a committee on a proposal that would be presented to the council next month.

The city is not picking up leaves and limbs at this time. Quroum Court Justice Ricky Sims told the council that leaves could be brought to the landfill, but he wanted to know what the citizens were supposed to do with limbs.

Mayor Scott McCormick said all he knew at this time was to burn them until another solution was reached.

Audience members said they were concerned that citizens weren’t being notified about what to do.

Marshall said that the issue has been in the newspaper several times and encouraged citizens to read it to stay updated.

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