A major telephone service provider reportedly told a U.S. senator it can’t guarantee cellular service for Hamburg clients indoors.

The Hamburg City Council has attempted to reach out to AT&T for several months regarding the poor cellular service in the city of Hamburg.

At the council’s meeting Monday, City attorney Paul Keith presented a letter from the company to the council.

The letter was addressed to Keith and signed by Sen. John Boozman.

Boozman stated in the letter that his office reached out to officials at AT&T to make them aware of the community’s concerns. The letter also includes the response Boozman received from AT&T, which states that their engineers tested the area and had few issues outdoors.

“The drive test used a scanner and also connected calls both long and short to assess the coverage in and around town,” the letter said. “Initial results of the drive test showed 68 short calls completed without a drop, and three long calls completed with one drop.”

The response closes by saying that, “customers should not have any issues making calls while outdoors.”

The letter also states that the engineers do not guarantee indoor coverage and that they suggest using wi-fi calling while indoors.

Keith also informed the council about a Market Modification Petition regarding the area’s satellite service.

Currently, because of FCC restrictions, the satellite providers in Ashley County are only able to broadcast local channels from North Louisiana. However, there is a process that will allow the area to broadcast the channels that are local to Little Rock.

“I feel this will be good for us to get behind,” Keith told the council.

Mayor Dane Weindorf said that so many residents want Little Rock channels that Hamburg might be able to partner with Crossett to get both towns behind the petition.

Keith told the council he would bring the market modification documents to the November council meeting so the members could review them.

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