After the Crossett City Council made a motion and then rescinded it, some residents have been confused about limb, leaf, junk and trash pickup.

Crossett Deputy Clerk Lisa Gulledge confirmed Monday that the city is not currently picking up leaves and limbs and that there is currently no charge for junk pickup.

“The only thing that changed is that we aren’ t supposed to be pickup leaves and limbs, but trash pickup and junk pickup are still the same as before,” Gulledge said.

Gulledge also confirmed that there is no ordinance on file prohibiting residents from burning yard debris in their own yards.

Earlier this month, the council passed a motion that would have changed how the debris and trash pickup works substantially, but before an actual ordinance was drafted and adopted, the council rescinded the motion at a later meeting.

The proposed ordinance was originally approved during the March 4 meeting. The ordinance, made by Councilwoman Lynn Rodgers,  would have prohibited burning at any Crossett residence except in the backyard in a 36-inch burn ring or fire  pit; it would have stopped leaf and limb pick up entirely; it would have limited junk pickup to Wednesdays by appointment only; and it would have changed the entire residential trash pickup system.

However, Rodgers rescinded her motion at the council’s March 11 meeting. Rodgers then made two additional motions.

Rodgers’ motion to rescind would have restored things just as they were before, but once the council voted in favor of Rodgers rescinding her motion, two other motions were approved unanimously.

The first was a motion to appoint Councilman Cary Carter over the leaf, limb and junk pick up committee in order to find a better solution to the city’s issue. In that motion, Rodgers said that limb and leaf pickup would be suspended temporarily and that junk pickup would continue by appointment only.

Burning was not addressed in the motion, therefore, the guidelines on burning would revert back to the current city ordinance, which only prohibits burning in alleys and on city drains. Leaves and limbs can be burned as long as there is no burn ban and the resident has taken the proper precautions to ensure they are not burning on top of a gas line or other hazardous area.

The second motion Rodgers  made during the March 11 meeting was regarding trash pickup.

Rodgers made a motion that the city council approve the purchase of a “one-armed bandit” trash truck, which is a trash truck that will improve the city’s trash pick up system making it more efficient. Purchase of the truck will eventually require that residents get uniform city trash cans, which will require a deposit. That step, however, is further down the road.

Currently, the city has only approved the purchase of the new truck, which gives Public Works Director Jeff Harrison a chance to shop around for the truck.

The leaf, limb and junk pick up committee has not yet scheduled a meeting.

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