The Crossett School District’s board of trustees voted Monday to place the former North Crossett Primary Building up for auction.

The 1975-vintage, 35,739-square foot facility has been occupied in recent years by an early childhood development group. The tenants had notified the school district they would no longer be using the building, and Superintendent Gary Williams said he recommended selling it because the district no longer had a use for it.

Before it could be put up for auction, however, the district had to clear a regulatory hurdle with the state education department’s facilities division, which included soliciting interest from the charter schools operating in the state.

No charter schools currently operate in southern Arkansas, Williams said, and no interest was expressed in the solicitation.

School board members said they had been told that putting the building up for open auction would likely bring more money than seeking to sell the facility through a sealed bid process.

When school board member Eddie Goodson asked if the district could set a reserve bid for the auction, Williams said the district will still retain the right to reject bids, though the auction company will have to be paid for its work regardless.

The vote to auction the building was a unanimous 3-0. School board members Robert Cornelius and Katie Jordan were not present at the meeting.

In other news:

-Williams told the board that after an assessment, every school in the district is accredited and the school district itself is accredited.

“We are reviewed every year,” he said. “We have been accredited without any issue.”

-The board had to officially reorganize its officers following the annual school board election.

The reorganization, however, looks strikingly like the previous arrangement.

The board members voted to keep the officers and designated disbursing officers the same.

Keith Medders is the president; Keith Carter is the vice-president; and Goodson is the secretary-treasurer.

-The board voted to grant CenturyNext Bank the right to use the Crossett High School stadium for the viewing of the bank’s annual Independence Day fireworks show.

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