Officials said the suspect who was fatally shot by a police officer in Central Arkansas last week was the same man who was arrested for an alleged bank robbery in Hamburg last month.

Tramon Savage, 22, was reportedly fatally shot by a Jacksonville police officer who was responding Thursday night to a theft call at a car dealership located approximately 15 miles north of Little Rock. Savage was arrested in connection with a robbery at Southern Banccorp May 23.

A document in Pulaski County Court shortly after the May incident said his family believed he needed to be institutionalized.

Hamburg Police officials said Savage was arrested last month after allegedly stealing thousands in cash with what appeared to be a handgun. When the Hamburg police arrested Savage in his home and recovered the cash and weapon, they identified the weapon as a BB-gun.

He was charged with aggravated robbery and theft of property. Savage bonded out of the Ashley County jail following the arrest.

The Arkansas State Police are investigating the Jacksonville shooting. While Savage has been identified by other officials, the ASP has officially declined to identify the deceased and the officer involved.

ASP officials said the shooting incident occurred when the suspect drove toward officers and accelerated in a stolen car.

Jacksonville police likewise reported that “officers fired at an ‘unidentified man’ shortly before midnight Thursday after he allegedly stole a vehicle from a car dealership and began driving toward the exit of the dealership.”

Jacksonville police said that the “unidentified man” — Savage — was transported to a hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Savage’s family alleged both on social media and in television interviews that he had mental problems that were causing him to do unspeakable things that were “out of character.”

According to documents filed in the Circuit Court of Pulaski County, Savage’s family members were attempting to have him committed for addiction treatment. A Petition to Commit Person for Addiction Treatment was filed in the Pulaski County court on June 6.

According to the petition, Savage was living at 207 S. Hospital Drive in Jacksonville.

The petition, signed by members of his family, said that Savage had been recently diagnosed with clinical depression, had a severe drinking problem and was refusing to take his medications. Statements from the petition included that, “He is very paranoid and sees things that are not there” and “he says things such as he wishes that he could give people the talent that he has, such as hearing and seeing things.”

The petition also alleged that Savage told his family members that he robbed a bank because he wanted someone to kill him.

The incident is still under investigation.

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