An Ashley County attorney accused of mishandling $100,000 from a client went before a judge on Wednesday for a first appearance on other charges.

A petition to revoke bond was filed Aug. 28 in a Drew County case in which defendant Dustyn Codie Martin of Hamburg is awaiting trial for allegedly mishandling client funds, filing false police reports and obtaining property by deception.

The original case was filed in both Ashley County and Drew County, but in May Martin’s attorney filed a motion to combine the cases, and in June Circuit Judge Quincy Ross signed an order for nolle prosequi in the Ashley County case.

The original criminal information document lists Patsy Carpenter as Martin’s only alleged victim and alleges that he mishandled approximately $100,000 funds that were entrusted to him while Carpenter was his client.

On June 6, an amended criminal information document was filed with the Drew County Circuit clerk’s office listing Martin’s charges as theft of property, obtaining signatures by deception, filing a false report and two counts of theft of property. The document listed Carpenter in addition to other victims.

The document states that on or about Oct. 5, 2018, Martin filed a false report of residential burglary. Martin also allegedly obtained property of Albert Betty and Jeremy and Jennifer Calhoun by deceiving or misleading them.

Martin will go to trial in October for the charges of Obtaining signature by deception, filing false report and two counts of theft by deception.

However, on Wednesday, a petition to revoke bond was filed in the Drew County case stating that since those alleged crimes were committed, Martin has committed other similar crimes. Martin went before Ross on Thursday for a first appearance on charges of forgery and hot checks.

On July 12, Martin allegedly wrote a hot check from Martin Law Firm, PLLC IOTA in the amount of $50,000 to Lee Barnett, an owner of B&B partnership.

Martin also allegedly sent Barnett a document titled Escrow Account Certification Affidavit. According to reports filed by the investigator, the document states that an account owned by Martin held $300,000 in funds and that the funds were to be used to put a down payment down on car wash businesses that Martin was supposedly purchasing from Barnett.

The investigator stated in his report that he conducted search warrants at Warren Bank and Trust in Bradley County and Martin Abstract Company.

Following the investigation, Martin was arrested and charged for writing the $50,000 hot check and forging other documents. Martin was arrested Aug. 28 and went before Ross last Thursday.

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