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Ashley County Cares was not able to host its annual fundraiser banquet and auction because of COVID-19 social gathering restrictions, but the organization has found an alternative way to fundraise for the year.

Lori Pennington with Ashley County Cares said that the group has organized a Facebook auction.

“We just had to step outside of the box from what we would normally  do,” Pennington said. “It’s going really well so far.”

The auction is currently live on the group’s Facebook page and will run through Nov. 1.

“This is very different from what we are used to and what the public is used to, but we are trying our best to continue our mission to raise funds to help find a cure for breast cancer,” Pennington said.

The group is posting items as the items become available. Pennington said ACC is considering having a second auction if enough items are donated. Bernice Nelms and Donna Shields are the auction event coordinators and Pennington said they have been working really hard to manage the auction. 

No Website has been specifically designated for this year’s event, so ACC is simply using the organization’s Facebook page and allowing bidders to place bids in the comment section of each post.

Pennington said it’s important for people to understand that the bids are only eligible if they are placed directly on the Ashley County Cares page itself and not on any shared versions of the auction post.

In addition to the Facebook auction, ACC is hosting its t-shirt fundraiser online as well. Mail-in order forms are available for those who do not wish to order online. The forms, which can be printed out and mailed, can be found online at

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