Riding redeemed: Cowboys for Jesus hosts free equine school

Participants at the free Cowboys for Jesus equine school and Bible Study took turns riding and learning about horses Saturday.

Crossett’s Cowboys for Jesus hosted last weekend a riding school that they said they hoped was the first of what will become a monthly event.

Derrick Evans with Cowboys For Jesus said that his group hosted an Equine School and short Bible study for the children of the community at the Climmie Wimberly Ball park on Saturday. Evans said the event went well.

At the event, community members taught a mixture of subjects from Bible stories to horse anatomy and Evans said the students even got to practice their riding skills.

“They loved riding those horses,” Evans said.

Aniyah Hawkins taught a class on the parts of a horse and Zy Mir Jones taught a class on the proper trail riding etiquette. Kadeion Mollete read a Bible story about Samson and a group performed a biblical version of the popular hit song, “Old Town Road.”

“This school is mainly set up to introduce children to Christ and to also let them have fun with one of God’s greatest creations, the horse,” Evans said.

CFJ offered the event completely free to any child who wanted to participate. Hot dogs and snacks were provided as well.

In addition, Evans said that the city supported the event by allowing the use of a public space and that Police Chief J.W. Cruce gave the group permission to bring horses in the city limits for the day.

“We thank the mayor and the police chief for their support and the parents and the community members who attended,” Evans said.

Those interested in attending July’s event may contact Robert Mooney at 870-415-9538 or Derrick Evans at 870-500-1122.

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