Phillips honored for contributions to Gospel music

Marty Phillips of Crossett was honored for his contributions to Gospel music with a proclamation from the City of Crossett and a letter from Gov. Asa Hutchinson.

The governor of Arkansas and Crossett’s mayor recognized a local resident last week for his contributions to the Gospel music industry.

Mayor Scott McCormick proclaimed Feb. 23 as Marty Phillips Day and signed an official proclamation on Saturday in honor of Phillip’s 68th birthday.

McCormick recognized all of Phillips’ accomplishments in the Gospel music industry, including his many song recordings that have won awards nationwide.

The proclamation says Phillips inherited the Jefress Music Company in 1990 and renamed it the Jeffress/Phillips Music Company. Since taking leadership of the company, he has seen it become one of the premier publishers of Southern Gospel Music in the United States.

Phillips is a member of the Ashley County Music Hall of Fame and has been recognized by Arkansas Arts as the Folk Artisan of the Year and by the state of North Carolina as songwriter of the year.

Phillips’ music has been performed and recorded by prominent names in the gospel music industry such as the Gaither Family and his song “What a Meeting in the Air” has been recorded by dozens of Christian artists nationwide and in Europe.

In addition to being honored with a local holiday in his honor, Gov. Asa Hutchinson also recognized Phillips for his accomplishments.

“As a person of faith, I appreciate his commitment to sharing the Gospel through his work,” Hutchinson said.

Though Hutchinson was unable to attend Saturday’s event, Phillips was presented Saturday with a letter from Hutchinson acknowledging all of his accomplishments in the state and nationwide.

“Because of his accomplishments in 65 years of gospel music, Arkansans and Christians around the nation benefit from his steadfast dedication to his work and to his faith,” the letter read in part.

The letter lists all of Phillips’ awards and achievements over the last 65 years and closes by congratulating him.

“Marty Phillips has been a light to his community and will undoubtedly inspire many others through his music for years to come and on behalf of the State of Arkasnas, congratulations on this momentous occasion,” it said.

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