I have said it before, and I don’t mind saying it again: Crossett is simple, and that is simply perfect. I am reminded of this by our recent Fourth of July bash at the Crossett City Pool. It was a very last minute event planned to give the community a patriotic celebration to replace the annual fireworks show which fell victim to COVID-19. 

Because of a city ordinance that bans the use of fireworks, we couldn’t offer that, so we got creative and came up with “A Sparkling Good Time”. The fireworks ordinance allows sparklers so we went that route.  But  we knew that just offering sparklers was not enough to honor the birth of American independence. We added a line up of water games, prizes and food and voila! A tradition is born, a tradition that fits Crossett’s simple nature.  

Storms that day couldn’t even quell us. We pushed forward and attracted not only Crossett families but families from Louisiana and El Dorado as well — places we typically have travelled to for entertainment came to us. Success! 

Now, I mentioned the last minute nature of this event. Still, local businesses were able to join forces and make yet another event happen for you. Kristi Stocker and Whitney Gill at Southeast Insurance provided the sparklers and publicity.  Leland Johnson at Crossett Marine made the popular inner tube races possible by donating boat paddles for the evening — watch the video on the Crossett City Pool Facebook page.  Brad McGee provided Eagle Booster Club items as prizes as did the Friends of the Crossett Community with Fourth of July-themed items like red, white and blue temporary tattoos, glow in the dark masks, necklaces, and bracelets. 

Brad Howie brought what looked like his entire family and cooked the meal that Brad Martin of A&E Environmental provided. Howie also brought us enough watermelons to have a watermelon eating contest — that video is on volunteer Michelle Lott’s Facebook page. 

And Chase Carlson and the McDonald’s crew shared their chocolate chip cookies with us.  Crossett came together and had a good ol’ fashioned, simple celebration, one that won’t be forgotten by the ones who came. 

I think at times we forget that being simple is simply perfect. We forget that who we are, Crossett, is good enough. In fact, it is better, because in a world where places and people are trying to be something bigger than they are, identity is being lost.  

And, something else I have said before: when you lose your identity,  you lose your way. And when you lose your way, you miss your purpose. 

Crossett, I am sure, is here to lead the way for a nation that has lost its footing. Stand tall in your simplicity. Sometimes the moment is complex enough to allow the celebration of it to remain simple — to remain wholesome — to remain Crossett cool. 

Don’t forget, we are offering swimming lessons throughout the season. 

They start every Monday in three time slots to choose from: 5 p.m. to 5:45 p.m.; 6 p.m. to 6:45 p.m.; and 7 p.m. to 7:45 p.m.. We teach four levels each hour: beginner, intermediate, advanced and expert. The expert level gets swimmers prepared for the Lifeguard Certification Course. 

To sign your child up, call 870-500-0303. The cost is $50 for the week. 

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