Last Saturday, guests from Mississippi to Maryland traveled to Crossett to attend a book release event for Shanae Govan of Crossett.

Govan’s second book, "Awakened by Destiny," was officially released Saturday afternoon.

Govan’s former college professors, pastors and players all spoke at the event with the keynote speaker, Dr. Priscilla Belin, of Baltimore, attending as the keynote.

The book is the second part of Govan’s life story that she began telling in her first book, which was released in 2016.

"Awakened by Destiny," follows Govan’s first book, "Purpose and Adversity." Both are narratives about Govan’s life that she said are meant to inspire her readers to face whatever adversity life throws at them.

“I wanted to inspire people, especially young people, because adversity is what makes us who we are,” Govan said.

"Purpose and Adversity" is about growing up in rural Arkansas and the trials that Govan faced.

Govan said her second book picks up where her first book left off.

The second book starts at the time in Govan’s life when she returned home, to Crossett, to take over as coach of the Lady Eagles basketball team.

The keynote speaker, Belin, compared the book to "Love and Basketball," a popular film released in 2000. Belin told members of the audience that Crossett should be proud to have Govan home and “enjoy her while she is here .”

“Because bigger things are going to come for her, and the offers are going to come, they are already coming, the East Coast wants her,” Belin said as she told about Govan traveling to the East Coast to speak at a conference last year.

“ I’m so amazed at this milestone God has allowed me to embark on," Govan said. "I want to encourage anyone who has a goal that you’ve set, go for it.”

"Awakened by Destiny" can be found at Books a Million, Amazon and other book stores.

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