A group of girls were recently given lessons on beauty inside and out.

The girls from the Boys and Girls Club of Ashley County were treated Friday to make-overs and pizza after Kristi Stocker of Crossett decided that she wanted to do something special for the club over the summer.

“I’ve always loved the Boys and Girls Club, and I love what it does for the children,” said Stocker, whose son attended a Boys and Girls Club when he was younger.

Stocker said the club really made an impact in his life, she would like to see the one here in Ashley County do the same for other children. That’s where her idea of a glamor day for girls came into play.

As the owner of Southeast Insurance in Crossett, Stocker gathered the rest of the Southeast Insurance crew — Whitney Gill, Denise Hudson and Pamela Culb — and told them her ideas. The four planned an event, “Glamour girls wear diamonds and pearls,” to teach young girls to focus on the importance of inward beauty.

“We wanted to give them an opportunity to feel good on the outside, as well as the inside,” Stocker said.

“We could have just donated money or sponsored an event, but I said, “You know what, I want to do my own thing.”

The day started with motivational speeches and lessons about being kind to others no matter their outward appearance.

Stocker even gave the girls a presentation about hurtful words, using a bottle of toothpaste and an apple to make a point.

“I had them say mean words, and every time they did, they squeezed out the toothpaste, and then I handed them a q-tip and said, now put it back in,” Stocker said.

She did a similar demonstration with the apple. The girls hit the apple on the ground every time they said something mean to it.

“The apple still looked perfect on the outside, but was bruised and ugly on the inside,” Stocker said.

After that, some of the Crossett High School cheerleaders and Eaglettes treated the girls to makeovers. When the girls were glammed up, they attended a banquet in the First United Methodist Church Fellowship Hall that was complete with crystal center pieces and silver fountains of punch.

--For the complete story, see the print edition.

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