For the dogs: Crossett girl donates birthday to pound

Joey Hill sits with the “presents” she received for her birthday, which she in turn donated to the Crossett City Pound.

A Crossett girl decided that she wanted to donate her birthday to the Crossett City Pound.

Joey Hill, 6, Of Crossett asked her friends and family to bring items for the Crossett pound puppies in lieu of gifts to her birthday party.

“We did something similar in April with my 2-year-old, Hannah, in lieu of gifts for her, party guests brought snacks for the school backpack program,” Joey’s mother Jessica Hill said.

Joey turned six on Oct. 1, and her party was Nov 3.

Hill said that Joey wanted to donate the presents at her party as well, but wanted to do it for the animals in the pound.

“She said she couldn’t stand the thought of the ‘littlest animals’ being hungry,” Jessica said.

At the party, Joey collected 19.6 pounds of treats, 173.4 pounds of dry food, 28 cans of food, 20 toys, 21 flea and tick prevention treatments, one bottle puppy shampoo and one dewormer.

Joey said it was exciting to be able to donate all of those things for the animals, but she was most exited about the toys.

“They’re gonna love the toys,” Joey said.

Jessica said they greatly appreciate everyone who helped them make Joey’s birthday wish come true.

“She has smiled all week knowing she was headed out there with this load of awesomeness,” Jessica said.

As a thank you, the pound invited her back to the pound for a play date with the pound puppies.

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