Jaxon Andrews displays painting

Jaxon Andrewes displays a painting he has finished in collaboration with his father, Jeremy Andrews. The two began painting together two years ago and now offer their work for sale. (SUBMITTED/News Observer)

 What began as a single drip, drip, drip-drip-drip of a pour two years ago has turned into more than just a hobby for a Crossett father-son duo

Jeremy Andrews of Crossett said that he and his young son Jaxon started making art in their garage in early 2018. 

“Jaxon actually did the first pour, but I researched and watched videos and read anything I could find on the process of the painting for about four months prior to that,” Jeremy said.

The pair continued the hobby for about a year before Jeremy decided to promote their work as a business. 

“I had sold a few here and there but Ashley Hammond offered a spot inside Kinard’s Jewelers and that motivated me to pursue the business end of it and to look and become more professional,” Jeremy said. 

The paintings are made using acrylic paint and a pouring medium that Jeremy said he mixes himself. There was a lot of trial and error that went into getting the perfect mixtures.

“I have to add water to make it runny enough to pour, but too much water starts to break down the pigments in the color and if no medium is used there will be cracks in the paint after it dries,” Andrews said. 

There is also a certain formula to getting the colors to fall and not mix together. 

“There is a lot of science behind it from simple stuff about mixing to knowing what colors will sink or fall from the weight of each color or pigments,” Andrews said. 

Jeremy and Jaxon now have a booth in the back area at Kinard’s Jewelers where those interested can view and purchase their work.

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