Crossett burns with pride at community pep rally

Crossett Eagles spirit squad members lead the crowd at a citywide bonfire Monday. The Eagles are undefeated in conference play and are heading into the second round of the high school football playoffs as the conference champions.

The Crossett Community hosted a bon fire pep rally for the 8-AAAA Conference champion Crossett Eagles on Monday night in advance of the team’s second-round playoff game.

The event was one of many team spirit events or pep rallies planned for this week as the Eagles gear up to host Gosnell on Friday night.

Barry Burchfield — a Crossett Eagle historian and fan — told the crowd that he felt as though the city should thank the Eagles for bringing good news and for setting the example to never give up.

“I think these boys have changed the way this town thinks and for that I think we owe them our support,” Burchfield told the crowd.

The Eagles started the season by losing two non-conference games, but finished the season as the 8-4A conference champions undefeated in conference play.

“They could have given up early in the season, but they didn’t, and at 18 years old these boys are setting an example for the people of Crossett,” Burchfield said.

Burchfield’s comments came as the community is still working to figure out its next move in light of significant layoffs at Georgia Pacific-Crossett.

“A winning football team isn’t everything, but it’s something and we needed that,” Burchfield said.  

For several years, Burchfield has worked compiling quite a database of Crossett history, but he has a particular interest in football.

He has put together a library of information regarding every football team that has ever put on a Crossett Eagle jersey complete with photos, game scores and in some cases even the news stories that followed those games.

On Friday nights, Burchfield can be heard over a local radio station giving out historical information regarding the Eagles and whatever opponent they are facing.

Burchfield said he is extremely proud of the Crossett Eagles and is honored to even play such a small role in Eagle football this season.

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